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Facebook status update saves lucky schoolboy from fatal stabbing

April 11, 2011 8.07am

A Sydney based teenager is lucky to be alive this morning and he has the Social Networking site Facebook to thank.  For the past 3 months, Matt Grey 13, has been the victim of a long term campaign of school bullying and harassment. The teenage boy from Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs was travelling on the school bus  on Friday morning when he was approached by a gang of youths armed with knives, a small pistol and what appeared to a witness to be a M109 howitzer. Grey, who was listening to music on his iPhone 4 was unable to hear the threats of his would be assailants. The threatening youths became enraged when Grey ‘laughed out loud’ at a video of cats posted as a friends FaceBook status update.

As the situation escalated another teenage boy, a friend of Grey’s posted a facebook status update which included the picture below. The caption read, “Matt Grey feeling Blue”

 The youths, who were able to view the image largely because of the iPhone 4 dazzling retina graphics and wide viewing angle, were immediately overcome with grief and remorse.
Grey commented to thedevlin news; “Since the cat incident, we’ve become like total BFFs. The guys have barely stabbed me at all this week.
Lawyers for Mark Zuckerburg  were unavailable for comment on Friday afternoon.

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